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quarta-feira, 6 de fevereiro de 2013

Goal: C2!

Probably the most underrated skill in English language learning (or in any other aspect of the human condition), reading is actually what usually makes a difference. And, especially for those who intend to take a proficiency exam soon, this ability is likely to be the one which will help you the most if you know how to work on it. Really, I cannot stress this enough: not only it will help you read better, it will make you evolve in all other skills, namely writing, speaking, and even listening.
I'm not referring to adding letters and forming words, adding words and forming sentences. What I mean by reading is the ability to get a text on your hands and go through it, mentally (and sometimes physically) interacting with every bit of information you get from it. The post just below this one is intended to help you better your experience while reading.
As for this one, I just wanted to feed you with some interesting reading sources on the internet. Have fun!

News in English:
Le Monde:

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